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It's a Good Time To Buy:Poll

Toronto Sun, Mar. 15, 2009. The economy hasn't slowed down Canadians' intensions to buy a home. In the 16th annual RBC Homeownership Survey, released last week, 65% of Canadians think it's a buyer's market, and more than a quarter of Canadians(27%) say they intend to purchase a home over the next two years, up 4 points from 23% in 2008- largest single year increase since 2001. In Ontario, the response is even stronger: 30% said they were likely to purchase a home within the next two years, up from 21% in 2008. "The current economic environment does not appear to have dampened Canadians' overall confidence in the housing market," said Karen Leggett, head of home equity financing for RBC Royal Bank. According to the survey, conducted by Ipsos Reid, a majority of Canadians(83%) remain positive that home ownership is a good investment. "Low Mortgage Rates and favourable housing prices are influencing home purchase intentions this year and may be the

First Time Buyer's Dream!

Affordable Home Ownership in this Terrific Newer Freehold Townhome! Whitby. Unique Open Concept Main Floor with "Great Room". Neutral Decor, Tastefully Upgraded. Fully Fenced Backyard with Access to Garage PLUS Direct Entry From Garage. Extremely Clean & Well Kept with over 1,500 Sq Ft. Close to Schools, Parks, Shopping & More! $249,900

If You Are Currently Renting...

Investment Chart For Wealth Creation! Year 1..........................................................Year 20 Buy................$200,000.....(Use Zero Inflation)...$200,000 Down Payment....$40,000.....(rent pays mortgage)............. Mortgage........$160,000.......................Clear = $160,000 You have $160,000 free & clear more than you have today (not taking into consideration interest, tax w/off, home repairs etc. Index to Inflation: @ 3 1/2 % inflation doubles in 20 years = house worth $400,000 ++ If you take positive cash flow and put back into the mortgage you may realize full return in less than 15 years. $40,000. Down $10,000. in Annual Rent = 25% Annual Return on Cash Invested If you are currently renting, then your Landlord gets these benefits.

Unsure Where To Put Your Money???

GIC's? RRSP's? TFSA's? RESP's? Try Real Estate!!! Is This The Right Time to Buy an Investment Property?? Many of you have asked me that question recently. Now is a good time for me to share with you some unprecedented realities on this subject. The real estate market conditions are very good right now for Buyers and Investors to take that step forward. 1. The Market has cooled down from previous years which means instead of a Seller's Market (More Buyers than Sellers), we are seeing more of a Buyer’s Market (More Sellers than Buyers) now. There are many good opportunities out there now from a pricing standpoint. 2. Mortgage rates have NEVER been as LOW as they are right now. Prime Rate is 3% and “best” 5 year rates are sitting at 4.34%.. Historically when we have seen an adjustment in the Real Estate Market, the interest rates have actually risen. That is not the case now. 3. The Rental Market is currently very robust. Toronto is not only a very diverse city which a